Andrew Lauer's high-impact grooves and fierce bass lines are fired out like bullets at his listeners. Even when he's not playing a virtuoso solo, he doesn't hold back. He becomes completely indistinguishable from his instrument. He lives, breathes and feels the sound he generates and is completely devoted to it.

When you hear Andrew play the bass guitar, you'll find it very hard to believe, that he started to learn his instrument only a couple of years ago, in 2005, when he was 20 years old.
Andrew was born in 1985 in Yuba City, California and moved to southern Germany at the age of 7 and has lived there ever since. His love for the groove was apparent early on: at the age of 8 he dreamed of being a drummer, but it was a few years later that he was given his first instrument by his uncle: an acoustic guitar and a teach-yourself-book. After he had started learning to play guitar, Andrew found out that his late father had also been involved in music and had played the piano and the trumpet. From then on it was clear for the young man: his love for music had a deeper meaning and he would become a professional musician.
Andrew came into contact with his future main instrument, the bass guitar, while he was sharing an apartment with some other musicians. His roommates showed him a few tricks and playing techniques that awoke Andrew's interest. He was determined to learn slap techniques and started to teach himself.
His friend and present-day band colleague, drummer Alex Landenburg, who had introduced Andrew to rhythm and harmony early on, immediately recognized his talent and gave Andrew the last push he needed: "Andrew, you should hang up your guitar and play bass instead!" So from this point on he has soaked up anything to do with the bass. He was overwhelmed by all the unknown tricks he could do with his new instrument.
Along with bands such as Tower of Power and Dream Theater, bass player extraordinaire Victor Wooten has been one of Andrew's most important influences to date, which shows his musical diversity and openness.

"The Bullet" was catapulted to stardom in the bass world and shot to the top almost overnight, with numerous workshops and appearances at trade fairs around the world.
Besides his current involvement with 21OCTAYNE and other touring bands, he is also working on his first solo album "My Bass Souls".

Andrew "The Bullet" Lauer modern, intensive and totally audiolicious!

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